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Cesis is a charming ancient town, located at a distance of 87 km from Riga. This small town boasts beautiful nature, medieval castle ruins and a wooden Old Town of medieval splendor. Today it also is a very popular place for various annual festivals and concerts, for instance, the Medieval Festival, Beer Festival and World Music Festival Venene.

Stories and tales about the past times in St. John’s Church, and a walk in the Cesis Castle Park will let you feel and understand the unique aura and beauty of this town. Medieval Cesis Castle was started in 1206. It was built by German knights and served as the headquarters for the Livonian Order until the 16th century. A city soon grew around the castle which enjoyed a long period of prosperity as a member of the prestigious medieval trade organisation, the Hanseatic League.

During the visit at the Cesis Museum, which is located in the Cesis New Castle (18th century) you can walk up to the castle tower and enjoy the beautiful view of the town and its surrounding forests and valleys.

Cesis also is famous for the oldest beer brewery in Lativa, which still produces one of the best beers in Latvia.