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Cinevilla Backlot is the only open air film decoration in Baltic States with many possibilities for filmmaking. The decoration is built so that it can be used and adjusted for various filming projects.

The decoration was started to build in May 2004 for the needs of the historical drama “Rīgas sargi” (Defenders of Riga). The story of the film takes place in Riga in 1919, therefore film sets are consisting of historical buildings and objects thus creating the sense of reality of the beginning of the 20th century.

Cinevilla Backlot consists of two parts – City and Smalltown. In the City section of the Backlot a fragment of riverbank, historical façades, fragments of historical bridges and other objects created according to the archive materials form the beginning of the 20th century can be found, as well as Backlot’s Warehouse and Film museum.

The Smalltown part is characterized by wooden façades, marketplace, fire station, church, storehouse, wayside inn and other objects that are typical for suburbs and small towns. By using authentic railway equipment a fragment of a railway line with switch point and real wagons and locomotive engine.

There are also quite few moveable props in the Backlot – various vehicles and armoured cars, which have been used for filming the battle scenes. Meanwhile in the Costume storage of Backlot military costumes for Latvian and Bermont’s army can be found alongside with historical nurse outfits and civilian costumes.

In year 2007 a new project has started in Cinevilla Backlot – a decoration development for the new film of legendary Latvian film director Jānis Streičs “Rudolf’s Gold”. This is a warm-hearted film about Latvian rural life in the end of the 19th century. The shooting is already finnished. Shooting took place in Cinevilla Backlot, by adjusting the existing decoration façades and objects for a different historical situation. Moreover, a new decoration complex – Kurzeme Farmstead – was created in Cinevilla Backlot. The film “Rudolf’s Gold” is completed and now is available in cinemas all over Latvia. The visitors of Cinevilla Backlot have the opportunity to take a look at the new decoration complex – Kurzeme Farmstead.