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Games for real men out in the wild and an opportunity to feel like an invincible warrior – that’s paintball for you! In Latvia you can play war and shoot balls of coloured paint almost anywhere. And what’s more – for democratic prices!

Paintball is not only an extreme and dynamic leisure activity, but it is also a sport which has become popular all over the world. Paintball is a game that imitates a military operation in which players wear special gear and are armed with ‘markers’ – weapons activated by compressed air and equipped with special paint capsules – try to “shoot” the players of the opposing team.

Just about every community in Latvia has its paintball park – you just have to ask the Tourist Information Centre of the respective district or follow the signage and adverts by the roadside. Only you should bear in mind that there are venues where you can only do just some shooting, but there are also paintball parks that provide amenities – showers, bathrooms, recreation and picnic areas.

Paintball parks are also to be found in Riga and nearby. For instance, a new paintball park has been set up a few kilometres from the city centre in the suburb of Mežaparks at Nr. 2 Viestura Prospekts. In Riga, at Nr. 446c on Maskavas Iela you will find City Paintball, a paintball centre unique for the entire Baltics. The venue includes four game fields – one is indoors, but the other three are outdoor fields, one of which is a sports field with inflatable figures, and two, named Drop Zoneand Control Point– are there for entertainment.

The Rīga Paintball Park at Nr. 5 Lizuma iela has two paintball fields. The largest paintball park in the Baltic states, Jugland, is located in the Riga District, 5 km from the Riga ring road, on the banks of Lake Mazā Jugla; the 11 hectares of park accommodate ten different fields, for instance, Kanzas City, Forts, Frontline Town, Vietnamese Village, Omaha Beach, Forest Bastion, and others.

Also in Riga District, near the ring road and not far from the Riga- Daugavpils highway, one can find the Pif Paf paintball park with its five playing fields. The Dominante Paintball Park is located next to the Dominante Park enterprise in Ķekava Parish, by the Riga-Bauska road. A quality game can also be played at the Bušas paintball club at Saulkrasti.

Former military bases, too, offer an opportunity to ‘play war’. A paintball venue of this type has been set up in Iecava; it is also possible to play the game at the former Soviet missile base at Zeltiņi in the Alūksne District, as well as in Liepāja, in the territory of the former Navy Harbour (Karosta) which is a unique site in its own right and a “must see” tourist attraction.