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Motor Museum

Riga Motor Museum is the biggest antique vehicle museum in the Baltic countries. It has gained acknowledgement in Europe and in the whole world.

The Old Car Museum is really exciting for everyone, but especially for those, who loves driving and are old car experts.

The Museum was opened in 1986 with the purpose of preserving and restoring vintage and veteran cars. Early in the 20th century Russia commissioned at the building of their first car factory, `Russo-Balt` in Riga, and many of the cars that are exhibited the 2-storey museum were manufactured or brought in by the Soviets.

Wax figures of Soviet celebrities flaunt the `tanks-on wheels` owned by their animate counter parts’ last century. For instance, Stalin shows off his armoured 3-EYED1949 ZIS 115, a 182-horse power beast, despite its 3-inch thick glass and steel shell, was a speed-demon in its day! Some of the other famous exhibits are: a Khrushchev’s car, Brezhnev’s 1965 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow – a handsome gift from President Richard Nixon), Molotov’s 1937 Rolls Royce (a WWII German trophy presented by Stalin).