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Riga is the capital of Latvia, lies on the banks of the River Daugava on the shores of the Gulf of Riga. Historical chronicles mention the year 1201 as the date of its foundation. In 1282 the city joined the Hanseatic League and became a trade and business link between the East and West.

Riga is rich in history, culture and political life. Visitors will admire buildings of remarkable Gothic, Baroque, Classicism and Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) architecture. In 1997 the central part of Riga was included in the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Today Riga is called the City of Inspiration and often compared to the Paris of the 1930′s, when so many writers and artists found inspiration sitting in the cafes of that wonderful city.
Riga has more big-city excitement than anywhere else in the Baltic States, where you can find world class opera and art, jazz and rock, designer clothes, casinos and clubs.

The tour consists of two parts: a tour by bus in the city centre of Riga and a walking tour in the Old Town of Riga.

During the driving part of the tour the group will enjoy the view of the city canal parks, the Bastion Hill, the Powder Tower, the Latvian National Theatre, the Fine Arts Museum, the charming district of Art Nouveau (Jugendstil) buildings, the Freedom Monument, the University of Latvia, the Russian Orthodox Church, the Opera House, the Daugava River and it’s bridges and Passenger Terminal.

A guided walking tour of the medieval Old Town of Riga will lead you down the cobbled stone streets highlighting the most beautiful sights of the medieval Old Town: Riga Castle, Dome Square and Dome Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church, Town Hall Square and the House of Blackheads, the Great and the Small Guild Halls, the fortification wall of Riga, the Swedish Gate, etc.

Draw inspiration from Riga’s beautiful Gothic, Baroque, Classical and Art Nouveau architecture!