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Parnu is located on the shores of the Parnu Bay. This former Hanseatic and university town is nowadays a favorite summer resort. It offers sunny beaches, green parks and promenade paths, and health spas with a wide range of medical treatment options.

During the city tour you will see the oldest building in Parnu – the Red Tower, which is the only remains of the medieval fortification system in Parnu survived till today. The bastions, a part of the moat (Vallikaar) and Tallinn gate date back to the 17th century. Baroque Churches of St. Catherine and St. Elisabeth. View the newly renovated 17th-19th century dwelling houses, warehouses and schools during your walk along the main shopping street. On the way to the beach you will see the beautiful example of Art Nouveau architecture – the Ammende Villa.


Parnu was founded in 1251 on the banks of Parnu River.
Parnu is Estonia’ s summer capital. It’s a very beautiful city and a health resort. Estonia’ s best-known seaside, climatic and therapeutic effect of the water in Parnu Bay was discovered and scientifically proven in 1838. By now Parnu has evolved into a high-quality health resort operating year-round and relying on natural resources, where more than 40 000 clients receive services yearly.

It is never boring in Parnu in the summer. Not even when having fun. Who is up for restaurants or nights-clubs, who for theatre or a film festival, who for tennis courts, jazz, or perhaps classical music. Everyone will find his or her own, yet the holidaymakers’ paths will be sure to cross on the sands of the beach.
Thanks to her convenient location, Parnu has evolved into a centre for international meetings and negotiations.
Parnu is an internationally recognised centre of sea tourism and the Blue Flag, world-renowned standard of excellence and environmentally friendly services, has been hoisted at the Parnu Marina every spring since 1994.
You can perfect your holiday by finding the time for some excursions around Parnu County.
Visit the Tori horse-breeding centre and investigate Tori’s hell, where fishbone dating back 300 million years have been found. Take a look around Vandra, the home of schoolmaster Johann Voldemar Jannsen, the founder of the famous Estonian Song Festivals. Take some time out for Kurgja farm museum, where agriculture is practised in the same way as it was over a hundred years ago. Drive to Lavassaare and explore one of Europe’s largest narrow-gauge railroad museums, and take a ride on the marsh-rail. Walks and canoe rides available in Soomaa, Vollaraba and Nigula Marsh are always refreshing. Or go for a summery sailing jaunt to the unique island of Kihnu, where you can still meet local Kihnu women wearing traditional folk skirts, who will treat you to dark Kihnu bread and warm smoked fish.
Parnu remains the holiday capital even when the beach itself takes a holiday: a brisk walk, lunch at a cosy bar, inspiring moments at an exhibition, an evening at the Endla theatre or at a concert, dinner and dancing at a restaurant, a good night of sleep at a hotel or villa of your choice – and your next week of work will be sure to get off to a good start.